august 20 2020:

uhhh its been a while, helllo. ive been good, college stuff. i'm majoring in illustration! maybe ill make an art space here to show yall. o.O anyways im moving into my first apartment for college soon and its like AAAH packing and AAAH commissions but i realised coding cute pages is a good way to destress. also please show me hello kitty themed pages i need more hello kitty images and pixels thanks

april 23 2019:

i got my statistics test back today, which i studied my ass off for!!! i got a 80 >:]] way better than my previous 67 an 57 lmao im dumby. i hope i can keep up studying for the final... :[ math is tuff.

april 21 2019:

i feel out of touch with my body. like i'm not truly here, or my brain is sinking away and down into my skull (if that makes sense.) there's a strange feeling of nausea in my stomach; an odd and unwelcome pressure.